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Our aim at Landmark is to continue to expand our business and accelerate the growth of our portfolio. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team is perfectly placed to extract value from the market and minimise investor risk.

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Our aim at Landmark is to continue to expand our business and accelerate the growth of our portfolio.

Our strategy is to focus on high potential underdeveloped pockets in and around central London. Using our extensive experience of London we are able to pinpoint the precise roads/areas where the biggest opportunities lie.

We are opportunistic investors who typically invest in income generating real estate, often with development angles. We invest across all asset classes including Retail, Offices, Residential and Student Accommodation.

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Strategy Director:

Our strategy director has 7 years consulting of consulting experience; helping blue chip companies examine external market forces and future trends in order to map out their forward looking business plans. He is an experienced project manager who is accountable for ensuring our processes are clear, efficient and effective and that all our work and energy is aligned with our overarching vision. He is also accountable for delivering our fund raising and finance strategies.

Asset Directors:

Our two asset directors have over 20 years experience in buying, developing, letting and selling both residential and commercial properties all over London and the UK. Their track record shows prudent purchasing coupled with savvy management which has meant strong and steady portfolio growth. Their role stretches from start to finish - acting as the glue that holds our operation together.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing property purchases and process
  • Overseeing day to day maintenance and management of assets
  • Developing assets so as to extract maximum value fast
  • Disposal of the asset either via sale (in order to maximise profit for investors) or packaging as an income generating asset if requested.

Investment Director:

Our investment director has 10 years of experience in purchasing property for one of the world’s largest independent property company. The knowledge and experience gained provides us access to off market opportunities. Roles include generating deal flow through a well established contact base and identifying clever, well researched investment opportunities and often spotting angles that others cannot identify.